Written By Katarina @ cockatoo collection - July 27 2016


Katarina @ Cockatoo Collection
May 01 2018

Hi Fiza, Good question – and you are in luck as it is May now, which means your dog is allowed on the beach in winter. In summer you would only be able to take your dog on the coastal path and on the beach in the mornings and late at night. But it really is a great walk for dogs and you will definitely meet many doggy friends on the way. Also, there is a dog beach just next to the Sandringham Yacht Club where dogs are allowed all year around.

There are plenty of parking spaces available. Just look for the sign for beach road which takes you to the Sandringham Yach Club, and if you don’t want to park there, use any of the coastal car parks along beach road. There are plenty. The car parks are not very full in winter and you should be able to park easily anywhere along the beach road (completely different story in summer though :) )

Remember also you can choose to walk up on the coastal patch or down by the beach, when ever you fancy a change of view. There are plenty of places where you have access to the beach and vice versa :)

Hope you have a great time if you decide to go! This is one of my favourite walks!

fiza irwin
May 01 2018

hi there, I loved reading your article. I was wondering, is the whole stretch of beach till moon bay dog friendly? if one did’nt want to park at the busy yatch club, is there anywhere else we could park?

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